Press release an international project of four primary schools from the OWHC towns – the Central and Eastern European Region “Let´s Get To Know the World Heritage”

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Members – towns and schools:

Banská Štiavnica and primary school Jozefa Horáka – Slovakia

Budapest and primary school Harrer Pál in Budapest – Obuda – Hungary

Krakow and primary school no. 2 Sv. Vojtěcha – Poland

Kutná Hora and primary school Kamenná stezka – Czech Republic

Four pupils aged 11 – 12, one teacher and one coordinator from each town met in Kutná Hora in order to take part in a long planned international project  “Let´s Get To Know the World Heritage”. During the five days from 13th May until 17th May the members worked on several goals. The most important one was to draw the interest and to teach children about the World heritage UNESCO, teach them how to protect and maintain the world heritage. The language used for communication was English, which was also a great bonus for the children involved. Pupils worked in mixed groups (one pupil from each town) and therefore it was necessary to use English most of the time.
The program was not only targeted on the set goals, but also on teaching children how to cooperate during the educational and free time activities. The members met for the first time on 13th May in the evening and they were asked to introduce themselves, telling each other about their families and interests.
Thursday 14th May – The program started early in the morning. The members visited the Italian court which is an official seat of the town council. The Mayor of Kutná Hora, Mr. Martin Starý, Bc. welcomed the visitors in the audience hall.  After the formalities the members were asked to present their power-point presentations in the Knight´s Hall. Each group of children prepared a presentation about their town with help of other pupils from their school. The morning block ended with a presentation about the world heritage:  “UNESCO – What is it?” In the afternoon the members visited a partner school Kamenna stezka. The visit was very interesting because children had a great opportunity to see where their Czech friends spend their lessons. Children from each school also prepared a big poster which represented their town, school and children. The posters were placed at Kamenna stezka school. The best experience of the day was probably visiting the medieval silver mine “Osel”.
The following two days had the same motto which was: “Schola ludus” by J.A. Komensky. Children spent the morning program in Sankturinus house where they played popular educational games prepared by each group of children. The games required wit, focus, knowledge and a little bit of good luck too. Friday afternoon was dedicated to the nature around us. Children visited the valley of river Vrchlice and the geological exposition by Cízek’s rock which with some sport activities helped to uplift the spirit. On Saturday the children visited the Alchemist´s workshop which was an extraordinary experience. The following “alchemist” lunch added a drop of magic thanks to the interesting narration of the guides. The afternoon was dedicated to the visit of St. Barbara´s cathedral and the historical town centre. The day ended in the nature. Children visited the stoned markers called “The Menhirs” in Kutná Hora. They had an opportunity to “cook” their dinner over a camp fire and there was also a big surprise when the mayor presented a “fire show”.
The final day of our meeting was Sunday and we begun in Sedlec. Children visited the cathedral of Madonna´s ascension and the Ossuary. After learning interesting facts about the Czech history there was a difficult task waiting for everyone. Children had to climb the nearby hill Kaňk to reach the lookout tower from which they could see all the places they visited during those past days. During the final lunch there was an opportunity for everyone to evaluate the project, to express thanks to all members involved in the project but also to sing the memorandum. Pupils said their farewell with tears in their eyes, but with great expectations for the future. We all hope there will be an opportunity to meet again next year, this time in Krakow. We believe, that each town with the council will support the idea and together we would like to appeal to the OWHC and the Region of Central and Eastern Europe to ask for their support.


Eva Hnatkova, project coordinator
Martina Chlupackova, teacher                                     Kutna Hora, May 26, 2015

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