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PRESS RELEASE – International school project of the member cities of Central and Eastern European Region of the OWHC “Let’s get to know the World Heritage”.



Banska Stiavnica Municipality and the Primary school „Jozefa Horáka”  / Slovakia/

Budapest Municipality and Budapest – Óbuda primary school „Harrer Pál”  / Hungary/

Krakow Municipality and the Primary school nr 2 „im.sw. Wojciecha”  / Poland/

Kutna Hora Municipality and the Primary school „Kamenná stezka”  / Czech Republic/

Four pupils (10-12 years old), 1 teacher and 1 coordinator from each town are going to cooperate in the project. The main goal of this Project is to draw pupils’ attention to the UNESCO World Heritage.  Two experts on the World Heritage will be invited to support the Project and to explain the importance of the World Heritage.
Kutna Hora – the organizer invited the representatives from the municipalities as well as from the cooperating schools to the meeting at the end of January. Together we discussed all the details for the project realization in May 2015.
Meanwhile the pupils from  the cooperating schools are preparing objects which will introduce their town and its World Heritage sites:

1. the posters

2. the games

The preliminary topics of the games:

Banska Stiavnica – puzzle – World Heritage places

Budapest – WHERE ARE WE? – “traveling on the map”

Krakow – the cards “PETER”

Kutna Hora – pexeso (a memory game) – Kutna Hora’s culture heritage

3. the questionnaires – introduction of the students

4. web page – Kutna Hora is going to set off the project web page till the end of February

5. the school’s presentations – all schools are going to prepare their presentation in PowerPoint application. The presentation will be done in English.

The Project realization will be in May and you can see the preliminary brief program bellow:

May 13, 2015 – Arrival, accommodation and introduction

May 14, 2015 – The schools’ presentations, World Heritage lecture, Kutna Hora school visiting – the posters presentation

May 15, 2015 – Introduction of the the first 2 games, outdoor activities

May 16, 2015 – Introduction of the other 2 games, gastronomical program, outdoor activities

May 17, 2015 – the visit to the World Heritage monuments, sport activities, departure


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